Creating the Vision with Clarity and Calmness

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When our vision is clouded by the distortions we either inherit or acquire, life can be challenging.  One of my clients, an artist, describes her vision before Irlen tinted lenses provided a less distorted and stressed view: I never knew leaves had edges,  a car parked in front of my home had 40 feet between them instead of 2, and that lights actually did not have to produce fireworks and blind me at night when driving.  I look at Van Gough’s paintings and see Irlen Distortions.  I look at Picasso cubistic paintings and hear the voice of a client tell me her world looked like a puzzle with the pieces not fitting together. People looked ugly.

How can a pair of tinted lenses, so different from optical tints you get at the optician or eye doctor, alter perception and create a more tolerable and enjoyable existence: mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically?  Every parent, pediatrician, eye doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, OT, educator should understand this condition called scotopic sensitivity syndrome, and at least refer someone with complaints of light sensitivity, migraines, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, brain injury, anxieties, sensory overload for a low-cost Irlen Screening by a trained practitioner.  Simple yet one can live a lifetime of challenges and misdiagnosis. The cost is tragic and sometimes can be remedied (not cured) immediately without medications with more precision..  Why not? It either works or does not and you know in one testing session with yearly retint checks to insure accuracy of the tints.   Belief……. not an issue. Ignorance and misinformation….. tragic.


What Is Irlen Syndrome – A Mothers Knowledge

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The Colourful World Of Irlen Syndrome

Well the last few days have been unbelievable. My post about my son seeing the world through Irlen filters for the first time ‘I Told You So’ was picked up by The Irlen Institute and my inbox went mad!

I had messages from people who were reminded of that first WOW moment with their children, friends who wanted to let me know their children, husbands or partners had Irlen Syndrome and others asking more about it as their children had just been diagnosed and they didn’t know anything about it.

I also posted something in the Facebook groups which caused quite a discussion.

Following on from ‘I Told You So’ we went to our local opticians which just happened to be Spec Savers. We needed to purchase the frames to send off to The Irlen Institute in California so that the lenses could be fitted to the frames. Some Irlen…

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Traveling with Peace in a time of War

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Our trip to Israel was scheduled months before the world would hear of a war in Israel and Gaza. The initial stages seemed like it would be over quickly, like other times in the past.  So we decided to go as scheduled and meet our daughter and her boyfriend traveling from Australia, and our other daughter studying in Jerusalem.  Family togetherness and visiting friends during this time seemed so appropriate and important.  

We  began our trip with a siren and call to bomb shelters and nearly two weeks later, our last hour before leaving for the airport, was in a bomb shelter with 20 other people of all ages.  Luckily we were able to travel the roads to the airport with no incident, yet our “Red Alert” APP on our iPhones, kept sounding off alarms of rocket attacks from Gaza into  Israeli civilian areas, some near Tel Aviv, the direction of the airport.  Bizarre, yet somehow, there was a feeling of victory and of pride that Hamas bombs would not put fear in us or deter us. We felt brave in the face of this “evil,” and whatever would happen, we would put on our “rose colored glasses” and perceive this as what was meant to be so that terrorism could be stopped, not just in Israel, but everywhere..   This sense of importance overrode any fear.  Tragically we understood innocent lives would be lost or impaired, and it could be us……

Getting back to perception. One can easily take sides in a conflict, if one has limited knowledge, and is programmed to see one way as the only reality.  I was not brought up that way, thank the creator,  and so my life has been lived in somewhat of a confusing paradox, feeling the pain of many perspectives, and also knowing that sometimes painful positions can produce healthy “births”.  The life that we create on this earth knows no boundaries in our capacity to experience compassion for those who suffer, even if they perceive us as their enemy. But an enemy whose intent is to kill me at all costs, is unfathomable.  

I pray that all Israelis be allowed to defend themselves from those who perpetuate hatred and violence against them. May those enemies be transformed to give up their evil intentions instead to help create a true and lasting peace. May those who suffer be healed on both sides. May coexistence be the goal, instead of hatred, jealously and violence.  

It is tragic that my friends and their children must fight a war that they did not create or want.  It is tragic that the Middle East Arab world, including the those living in Gaza and West Bank, have been programmed to generations of hatred and violence, not just against Jews and Israelis, but against their own people and families. This tribal violence is unacceptable in a world where it is entirely possible to create  compassion, acceptance, and coexistence with enough healthy resources for everyone to live and thrive, if greed and blind hatred did not distort their vision.  Imagine a world where $$$ for bombs are now used to purchase seeds to grow food, flowers and jobs.  Where $$$ for films and books filled with images and words of hatred and violence, instead are invested into words of beauty, love, friendship, nature,  and acceptance.  Where $$$ for terrorist trainings and military operations, instead go to education and business grants for people to become artists, musicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, farmers, engineers, and business owners, etc. to make this world a better, even more beautiful place for all.  

But we must accomplish this together, for safety and peace to be maintained. No longer can one survive just for oneself or one’s tribe or one’s religion.  A true spiritual path guided by a creator who promotes life is not relegated to one group or people. We must all teach each other to perceive, honor and  respect the beauty and unique wisdom that our creator has given each of us: this awesome life together as a worldwide family. 

That is the legacy I want for myself, my family, the Jewish people, and our world community.  

Does our personal perception of the world create reality ?

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I have learned so much about subjective reality from my #Irlen clients who feel #stress, #anxieties, chaos, and see #distortions as their “norm”, often since their youngest memories. When provided a less stressful way of perceiving the world, not one has denied this new, possibly “clearer” and more pleasurable reality. They embrace this new way of being with laughter, joyful tears, and sometimes anger that the remedy, so simple, could not have come earlier.  Often in disbelief, their minds try to deny what they know is true: This is too easy to be real- a pair of #colored lenses- but yet they know the truth immediately and consistently, upon discovering the perfect combination of colored lenses that balances their mind and body with clarity and calmness.   The colored lenses create an alteration of a once pervasively stressful life, filled with limitation that was viewed as “normal”, to an immediately more pleasurable world of deep, relaxing breaths of relief.  The confusion, anxieties, #learning challenges, painful #migraines/headaches are immediately minimized or eliminated. Their world appears clearer, more stable and balanced, with a focus once thought of as beyond their reach. What if we could create a more balanced and pleasurable world by how we alter ourselves and our perception of reality? Can it be that easy as changing the #cognitive lens from which we see?

Can I trust what I see?

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When I look at the horizon I can see wavy forms in the distance. They are heat waves and they are part of everyday life for many who live where the atmospheric heat can distort what we see. Some people see this way all their lives, 24 hours a day, yet they learn to walk, read, and drive. Our minds are plastic and what we see gets processed by our minds so that our reality makes sense. The visual information even comes into our brains upside down and our minds turn it right side up. Does this sound like a metaphor for life?

When the lens creating our life’s vision changes

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It is only yesterday, I can remember traveling as a single woman around the world, backpacking to exotic places with friends , thinking that there was so much ahead of me and so much more to experience.  I am now almost 40 years older and still can feel the itch of the road but without the unbounded energy and idealistic visions of my youth.  Although retained in some manner, yes I am an Aquarian and married to an Aquarian, so envisioning will always be a part of our make up, I am more cautious and less willing to make changes. I see with a  lens that has known much more pain, joy and the challenges of life and I am constantly trying to see beyond those challenges and and embrace the joy that balances the light and bring all into focus.  The colored lenses that I work with are a metaphor for that ability to put on a color that filters the spectral bands that create distortion, pain, suffering and disabling conditions that try to block the true light, the unbounded love of the creator that sustains life on this planet.  I am humbled as a grow with the colors that I view the world with…………

Hello world!

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