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~ by therosecoloredglasses on March 29, 2010.

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  1. Today is a happy day. We attempted to create a kosher pesach kitchen with lack of organization, coordination and a very uncleaser menu, process, kitchen details. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

    • We did it. Passover was a success. The journey was made much sweeter by the fact that our daughter and son in law are such excellent hosts. It is hard to journey thru the desert. Not used to such heat and such desolation. Where are we going? Why are we here? Who will guide us to the land of plenty as we move thru the land that yields more in spirit then in product? Is it worth the struggle? Why bother? So many questions and yes it is worth the struggle to find the answers. I just need to find the right lens color, the clarity of my being and my faith that it all means something?

  2. When I can see each moment as a teacher then I am not so threatened by a momentary challenge to my peace and well being. I can see that what is mine I can control and reach for wisdom to stop the negative energy facing me. The lens that is in front of me at that moment gives me the clarity to find calmness and ownership of my emotions and perceptions.

  3. Being home at the end of the journey was like having dessert and then a relaxed conversation with no time, space, or commitments to run to or relate to. Like a bird coming to nest. The pain in my knee intensified and disabled me for a week. More stopping. More catching up with no one to talk to , no where to be, and not much to distract me. I am working hard to stay present, positive and hopeful. The European continent is disabled by ashes and at a standstill air travel wise for many days during Holocaust Memorial Week. Hashem has ironic ways to pay back and cause reflection and say “I am still HERE, ya all!!” This winter we had an the worst snow storms and weather in the DC area in years and years and this FREEZE came the same week the Obama Administration announced its FREEZE in building in the holy land of Israel. So what IS THE MESSAGE here holy creator?? Why so many natural disasters. Why was the Israeli medical team the most effective, most comprehensive and first response to the Haiti disaster. Amazing considering Israel is one of the tiniest nations in the world, with the least natural resources, and location far from the location. Happy 62 Birthday Israel Hakodesh. May we have a complete and lasting shalom, salaam, pax, namaste, peace very very soon for all the world’s inhabitants.

  4. When did I reach such a time of confusion and peace where paradox exists more then defined spaces. As I hold one side and then the other I am reminded that our subjective realities often conflict, push, create rough edges, and turn off those who do not see through the same lens or feel the reality of paradox. Most people see their reality as the “one and only” and I wish sometimes that was my reality. It is much easier to move thru life with that kind of oonfidence, either for one’s own survival or the survival of one “like minded.” How did we evolve to this confusion of world views and realities, still the object of scorn and blame. How did we Jews, become this object once again in the fire, to be burnished beyond our breaking point and we survived. I am still wondering and I hope that I can achieve the courage to keep wondering , growing , evolving, without breaking……

  5. I am new to this blogging so I have left many posts in different places. I would love to know how to post all on one page. I guess someone will guide me or I will eventually figure it out. Today is a snow day, I am trying to “catch” up on so many “loose ends”. It is the story of my life. When so those “loose ends” become the work of art of my life I am seeking to reflect on. When will I really have reflection time instead of see the momentary reflections that ground me and tell me “Yes you exist”. But how do I want to exist , in fleeting reflections of my friends and family , or do I want then to need and care about me so I am more then just a momentary image, but a part of the tapestry of their lives, even if just a beautiful part of the sacred vessel of each of their lives. What is my vessel and how can I fill at lest one up so that I feel whole and purposeful and connected and of course “beautiful”.

    And so I set and watch as the melting snow reminds me that spring is starting to pop its way thru the winter. I am not a person who enjoys cold any longer so I am relishing in the sunshine and gladly watching the gorgeous while terrain change to brown. My brown hair has turned white. I am reflecting on this fact when my skin is still not very wrinkled. I am at the midlife between winter and spring and fall and winter. Not here not there somewhere in all phases.

  6. Moving info new realms of practice has its challenges. Marketing and getting the word out about the uniqueness of what my company does is not as easy as I anticipated. I have seen so many people benefit from the Irlen Method, Brain Gym Exercises, EFT, and other simple , low-cost , self-help interventions and sensory processing modalities. When I hear a complaint like “it is too simple” or “it cannot possibly work as quickly as you say” or “you are just trying to sell something and you really do not know what you are doing” – I cringe. That is exactly why I am passionately positive- when something is simple, low-cost, and easy to implement, I am excited because it not only saves my clients time and money but long term agony trying to find relief with other more complicated processes. It is not miraculous and may take away only a percentage of symptoms but at least that will enable the other interventions to work more efficiently and effectively so lower costs all around- less long term treatment, immediate benefits and a much happier client. What is wrong with an educational that would prefer to spend thousands on interventions that only touch the surface of the neurobiology of the origin of the problem and provide band-aides rather then healing and transformation. If we work as a team, our clients benefit and so do we as practitioners. What better gift in life then to see a person enable their lives with less effort and more joy and confidence.

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