When the lens creating our life’s vision changes

It is only yesterday, I can remember traveling as a single woman around the world, backpacking to exotic places with friends , thinking that there was so much ahead of me and so much more to experience.  I am now almost 40 years older and still can feel the itch of the road but without the unbounded energy and idealistic visions of my youth.  Although retained in some manner, yes I am an Aquarian and married to an Aquarian, so envisioning will always be a part of our make up, I am more cautious and less willing to make changes. I see with a  lens that has known much more pain, joy and the challenges of life and I am constantly trying to see beyond those challenges and and embrace the joy that balances the light and bring all into focus.  The colored lenses that I work with are a metaphor for that ability to put on a color that filters the spectral bands that create distortion, pain, suffering and disabling conditions that try to block the true light, the unbounded love of the creator that sustains life on this planet.  I am humbled as a grow with the colors that I view the world with…………


~ by therosecoloredglasses on September 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “When the lens creating our life’s vision changes”

  1. My life has become more focused since most of my children have left home or have grown beyond “needing me” for the simple chores of life. They have become quite independent and I must find new ways, deeper ways, of connecting. Lyme Disease and the horrors of loosing a job I loved and worked part time in for over 18 years was traumatic and forced me to re-evaluate my mission in this life, my professional visions and who and what I wanted to be and become for the rest of my life. At 58 years of age, one thinks of the “rest of my life” since new beginnings will be not as desirable . I am seeking the grounding of years of growth and activity recycled into new and more stable ground, sometimes not as exciting or full of “stuff”, but one of “focus”. Is this a product of aging and experience or am I finding my “true” self that was hidden in the “stuff” of life. Join my on my journey back to myself and into possibly of bigger view,with less action, of creating a better world , a better me.

    The next phase is opening up a Life Skills Learning and Learning Center where the years of knowledge, experience and healing work can be manifested with a cooperative group of professionals from many backgrounds. The focus is client-centered, coordinated, cooperative, complementary, targeted, goal centered, comprehensive healthcare and personal development work. Quality of Life across the lifespan using our abilities and seeing our challenges as the gifts of life.

    I published my first article about my journey from challenge to wellness this year in Living Life to Its Fullest published by AOTA. I revealed my past history of post pardum depression and its disabling result and how my child, daughter and new found spiritual path in Judaism created a life long healing process that 33 years later is pretty profoundly revealing and amazing. How Lyme Disease almost destroyed my life and how I created moment to moment of activity and meaning in the pain and suffering. I know more will come out of me to hopefully inspire and help others thru their challenges but for now that was quite revealing and scarey to expose.

  2. This year I am receiving the AOTA FAOTA Roster of Fellows Award for the achievements of my career over the past 22 years. Bring Accessibility Consultation and Home Modifications to the forefront of my profession and recognition with other professionals such as the design/build industry. It is a great honor and I am very excited to find recognition rather then perceived as somehow the “wild card”. To be part of a traditional group and to be “one of the club” is a good feeling . Maybe it is my age or maybe I am just too tired anymore to be the “rebel” I once was to fight for the rights of others, to push the wave and overcome the challenges knowing what I am doing is right, good and needed but not perceived by others to be nothing but “troubled waters” to avoid. I will always be a person who is so called “off the grid” but now that grid has become mainstream. It is very nice to live long enough to see from the the other side and see the beauty more clearly then the challenges.

  3. The new office for Abilities OT Services and Seminars and Irlen Visual Learning Center is like developing , clothing, and organizing a new born baby’s room. I felt giddy , overwhelmed, and filled with unlimited possibilities. i am creating a cocoon to nurture my new baby with care and with intimate joy. My spectral filters have a home. have space to share with other professionals who would like to work as a team. I have a little kitchen area and could even take a comfortable nap between clients. Kosher eateries are within walking distance. I am only 8 minutes from home and from my bank and the library. The second hand store is 2 blocks down the road. The downside is that outside my office is chaos and an ugly building under construction, difficult parking, and an uninviting lobby so ugly I can barely wait to enter my 6th floor sanctuary. I turn on the harp music and i am transported to another space. The creaky elevator is a bit of a challenge but it works fine. It is also accessible for people with disabilities.What emerges could be very successful and very joyful. I am open to unlimited possibilities.

  4. i am so vrty proud of my daughter. you are so very focused. your life story is truly remarkable. i love you so very much.

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