Does our personal perception of the world create reality ?

I have learned so much about subjective reality from my #Irlen clients who feel #stress, #anxieties, chaos, and see #distortions as their “norm”, often since their youngest memories. When provided a less stressful way of perceiving the world, not one has denied this new, possibly “clearer” and more pleasurable reality. They embrace this new way of being with laughter, joyful tears, and sometimes anger that the remedy, so simple, could not have come earlier.  Often in disbelief, their minds try to deny what they know is true: This is too easy to be real- a pair of #colored lenses- but yet they know the truth immediately and consistently, upon discovering the perfect combination of colored lenses that balances their mind and body with clarity and calmness.   The colored lenses create an alteration of a once pervasively stressful life, filled with limitation that was viewed as “normal”, to an immediately more pleasurable world of deep, relaxing breaths of relief.  The confusion, anxieties, #learning challenges, painful #migraines/headaches are immediately minimized or eliminated. Their world appears clearer, more stable and balanced, with a focus once thought of as beyond their reach. What if we could create a more balanced and pleasurable world by how we alter ourselves and our perception of reality? Can it be that easy as changing the #cognitive lens from which we see?


~ by therosecoloredglasses on May 1, 2014.

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