Creating the Vision with Clarity and Calmness

When our vision is clouded by the distortions we either inherit or acquire, life can be challenging.  One of my clients, an artist, describes her vision before Irlen tinted lenses provided a less distorted and stressed view: I never knew leaves had edges,  a car parked in front of my home had 40 feet between them instead of 2, and that lights actually did not have to produce fireworks and blind me at night when driving.  I look at Van Gough’s paintings and see Irlen Distortions.  I look at Picasso cubistic paintings and hear the voice of a client tell me her world looked like a puzzle with the pieces not fitting together. People looked ugly.

How can a pair of tinted lenses, so different from optical tints you get at the optician or eye doctor, alter perception and create a more tolerable and enjoyable existence: mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically?  Every parent, pediatrician, eye doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, OT, educator should understand this condition called scotopic sensitivity syndrome, and at least refer someone with complaints of light sensitivity, migraines, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, brain injury, anxieties, sensory overload for a low-cost Irlen Screening by a trained practitioner.  Simple yet one can live a lifetime of challenges and misdiagnosis. The cost is tragic and sometimes can be remedied (not cured) immediately without medications with more precision..  Why not? It either works or does not and you know in one testing session with yearly retint checks to insure accuracy of the tints.   Belief……. not an issue. Ignorance and misinformation….. tragic.


~ by therosecoloredglasses on January 10, 2016.

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